Sustainability policies in the wine industry hold a prominent place in the development objectives of the Purcari Wineries Group because we care about the integrity of the natural and human heritage to which we owe the excellence of our traditional wines.

We believe that through constant and ongoing investment in the well-being of nature and human potential, we can further transmit the philosophy of Purcari Wineries.


Purcari Wineries Group has aligned with sustainability policies in accordance with international standards. We have defined energy efficiency and conservation of natural resources potential - as an inherent part of our long-term strategy.
The group has recorded a series of significant progress in segments of:

Energy Efficiency - The group has installed a photovoltaic system consisting of 448 Longi monocrystalline panels, each with a power output of approximately 450 W.

Reduction of CO2 footprint - The group has acquired Mythos fermenters for the reuse of CO2 in the fermentation process.

Recycling - The group implements a policy for the collection and sorting of glass, cardboard, and other non-food waste.

Water Processing - The group has modernized the wastewater treatment facility resulting from the wine production.

Irrigation of the vineyards - The group has a fully automated underground drip irrigation system in place.


The Purcari wineries group bases its activity on social initiatives as well, started through the Purcari Foundation, a non-commercial entity, created on May 25, 2022, as a result of the drive to align our business model with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the determination of the Group to lay the foundations for a sustainable environmental and social development.

The mission of the foundation is to support and improve the quality of life in disadvantaged communities in the Republic of Moldova and beyond, by promoting a sustainable environment, empowerment, equality and sustainability, together with our partners, and also through social, medical, sports, educational and cultural initiatives.

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Corporate Governance in the Purcari Wineries Group involves a set of principles and recommendations based on which the company’s management can exercise its management and control prerogatives, with the aim of achieving its objectives by implementing the adopted strategy and always having a correct conduct towards customers, stakeholders, shareholders, investors and supervisory authorities.

The group maintains an appropriate balance of skills, experience, gender diversity, knowledge and independence that enables them to effectively fulfill their respective tasks and responsibilities.

Purcari Wineries Group appreciates responsible and transparent management and aims to accurately inform and maintain the trust of all interested parties, applying the principles defined in the Corporate Governance Code of the Bucharest Stock Exchange.