The ancient history of Château Purcari begins in 1827, with a Special Decree establishing the first specialized vineyard estate in Bessarabia. Subsequent efforts by winemakers were rewarded with a gold medal in 1878 at the Paris World Exhibition for the emblematic Negru de Purcari.

Despite historical difficulties and challenges in the socio-economic landscape of Bessarabia, Purcari Winery persisted, bringing iconic wines that graced the tables of royal families in Europe. Following maturity exams amid political and economic transitions, the year 2003 marked a true rebirth for Château Purcari as it became part of the Purcari Wineries Group, led by Victor Bostan. Thanks to changes and improvements in the winemaking process, winery infrastructure, and sustainability efforts, Château Purcari swiftly became a prominent location on the national wine map, representing the IGP Ștefan Vodă region.

In 20 years of transformation and investments, the Group has grown and become one of the most important producers and the largest exporter of bottled wines in Moldova.